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  • Meditation

    Meditation for everyday
  • Training

    Training for skin care and more!
    • Free Online Reiki Healing Share

      Come experience distance healing. No experience needed. You can give and receive this loving energy. A Reiki attunement will increase your abilities. This 30 minute session will introduce you to the loving healing power which is Reiki.

    • Intro to Reiki, come learn the many ways Reiki can benefit you. $34
      In this introduction you will receive
      - Explanation of Reiki
      - Energy exercise to feel your own energy and the energy of others
      - The history of Reiki
      - How it works

      - Brief explanation of Chakras 

      - Learn some of the many benefits of Reiki

      - Receive a " Aura Energy Boost" a light Reiki treatment at the end of the session

    • Reiki I Certification Training This is a two day class one week apart. Upon signing up for this class you will be signed up for both days $240

      Imagine how your life could be if you became aware of the energy of love all around you. Imagine if you could tune into that energy and gain new perceptions about old situations and open up to your intuition, your natural healing ability using it not only for your own wellbeing but sharing it. Reiki is not a religion and can be practiced by anyone of any consciousness.  Reiki is known for stress relief, relaxation, and pain management. In this training you will learn how to channel pure divine love and share the gift of Reiki with yourself, clients, friends and family. Join Karen Montoya, LE and Reiki Master Teacher in this two day class one week apart and receive simple instruction on how to tune into the messages and work with the energy and  love all around you. 

    • Reiki II Certification Training. This is a two day class one week apart. Upon signing up for this class you will be singed up for both days. $275

      In Reiki II training you will learn more Reiki symbols and distance healing. The training will offer an opportunity to expand the skills you acquired in Reiki I to new heights. New symbols are introduced which aid in distant healing as well as new perceptions in the mental and emotional arena. With the "Light Internal System" we share the ability to traverse all dimensions of time and space, into the past or future. This greatly expands the use of the distant Reiki symbol.  This attunement will open the student to higher levels of consciousness by opening the chakras in the hands and expanding the crown chakra even more, creating a clearer connection to Universal Intelligence. Your Reiki skills will  also extend to animals. 

    • What you focus on expands - Tapping into your intuition $45
      Did you know it is a scientific fact that the mind does not know the difference between visualization and reality. 
      The brain waves are the same if you are visualizing a situation or if it is actually happening. When you are imagining you are actually entraining your brain to recall intuitive imagery and it will respond.
    • Chakra Class $45
      Come learn how the chakras in balance can make for a happy peaceful healthy life. 
    • Reiki Healing Share $10
      Come share your healing energy. Feel free to invite a friend that would like to experience Reiki or just come and see what it is all about. Everyone is welcome. 
    • Create a Life YOU Love by Design $333
      This class is a six week class, one day a week.
  • Skin Health Coaching Session Free
    Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation session.
  • Coaching Consultation Session Free
    Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation session.
  • Fearleass Aging Free
    Skin Conditioning 101 Learn how to apply the Skin Conditioning system for a healthy glowing skin.
  • Reiki Wellness Treatments

    Reiki is a complimentary form of treatment that does not replace or interfere with conventional medical treatments and is similar to massage, acupuncture, Healing Touch and breathing exercises in the way that it moves energy through the body. 

    Reiki supports all levels: Spiritual, Emotional and Physicaland Mental, without requiring any special equipment or belief system. 

    When the body is in deep relaxation mode the main priority is to recover, heal, nourish and restore itself. Reiki is excellent for reducing stress, relaxing the body and clearing & focusing the mind.

    True beauty and wellness begins within.   

    • Reiki hour treatment $80
       Reiki promotes deep relaxation. It increases the overall sense of well-being and joy.
       Reiki can be done in person or from a distance. 
    • Reiki half hour treatment $45
      Reiki works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body.  
    • Reiki and essentail oil back treatment $120
      Receive a hour Reiki treatment then enjoy the many benefits of essential oils with a half hour back treatment. This session will leave you feeling connected and relaxed. 
    • Reiki Facial $95
      Duration 60 min
    • Mind Detox Reiki and Coaching $80
      This session can be done in person or from a distance. 
      Based on The Sedona Method and combined with Reiki this session will support you in uncovering blocks and in the releasing process. You will gain new tools and resources that can be used daily to increase the overall sense of well-being and joy.

    • Body Mind Connection with Essential oils $60
      This is a back treatment that includes light touch and essential oils to support your body and mind providing deep relaxation. 
    • S.H.I.F.T. Coaching

      Imagine if you could get real clear on why you make the decisions you make, why you always seem to create the same results no matter how hard you try to change it. Once you understand how your mind works and what strategy is behind the way you make choices you decide what you would like to change.

  • Facial Therapies - Featuring De La Terre Skincare®

    Please review this section for specific seasonal wellness programs to support the skin in every season.
  • Facial Therapies

    Add on services can be added to any of the treatments.
  • The perfect add on to compliment any of our services


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